Sustainable Design amd Upcycle Movement

"A quest to squash waste around the world through upcycled design and repurposing."

Here at sirena + the sea we believe in the art of good storytelling, or as in Hawaii "talking story” We value having our hands in every part of the process from pen to tangible product; we feel it is crucial to our vision and success. Part of that vision is to strive to remain grounded and conscious in all our endeavors. By choosing materials, processes, and executions that create minimal waste and are environmentally cautious and sustainable, we are able to give back to our community and Mama Earth. This is why sirena + the sea  has chosen to create select products with vintage, reclaimed, and recycled material instead of a newly manufactured. Making the decision to use reclaimed materials where possible comes with a lot of prep, care, and time to bring you a product that is both beautiful and durable.

By taking this route, we are adding to the richness of the pieces and continuing the lifecycle story. It is a beautiful thing to ponder. It keeps us globally and culturally connected as a human race, while allowing us to move forward in adapting our lives and society to better align and reflect the changes and reality of our planet. It is our responsibility to leave our mark and footprint on this earth and universe creatively, spiritually, and physically. In this way we can feel proud about our choices and know we are moving our planet along in the right direction with intention, integrity, and beauty. One small step for mankind...