Disfunkshion Magazine

Style You Can Wear Underwater

by Taryn Marly


Hailing from the East Coast, Laurie DiBiagio had big dreams of a small chain of islands. Just two short years ago, Laurie picked up and relocated to O'ahu to find her destiny. "When the islands want you, it's magnetic. I know I was brought here to heal and thrive," she said. It was there on the North Shore where her vision for her company Sirena + the Sea blossomed. Laurie teamed up with close friend Nikole Nelson to create their debut collection blkcoral. The line consists of handmade, woven, "wearable art" that can go from street to sea seamlessly. Laurie and Niki's love for the Hawaiian Islands and the ocean emanates from their neckwear and body wear made from recycled and reclaimed sari silks. These colorful, draping pieces fit right in with the magical world of surfing and sunbathing. Finding inspiration through many outlet, most importantly Mother Nature. Laurie has created a truly unique line that represents all that she believes in. Describing herself as insatiable, her goals for future collections reflect just that. "To me the possibilities are infinite. It is only the beginning for Sirena + the Sea, " she said. "The spark are always flying and the fire never dies out. I have a BIG and bold dream for myself and Sirena.