True North: Part Two

I sit on my rock one last time. The sea is flat, and winter is on its way. I imagine the sounds of the waves like a freight train hitting the outer reefs as I peacefully sleep through the night, and later waking up to the intoxicating smell of thick ocean mist and blossoming plumeria.

My fluttering hamakua comes to greet me with reassurances and a proper send off, reminding me that Hawaii, The North Shore, will always have my heart and will always be my home. It will be here waiting, forever, like a moth to a flame, if I see fit.

Today, I am a plethora of emotions. I am ready. I am happy. I am sad. I am excited, indifferent, and restless.

My sweet island, you have cradled me, rocked me, taught me to talk, to walk, and now it is time to run. I came to Hawaii to do what I was meant to do. Fall in love, and start my dream.  I have. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Laurie. I have had the most amazing love affair with this island. I’ve taken in every moment, experience, smell, taste, gesture, and embrace. My heart is heavy with love and aloha.

Affairs must end. Now is the time to fly away. It is time to take everything I have been taught. I speak to the island, my spirits, protectors, and teachers. I offer my eternal gratitude. They reciprocate by brushing my brow with sweet Hawaiian air and a ripple of salty goodness across my sun-kissed face as I float in the vast and infinite sea. I respond in turn by taking it in as I have been for the last two and a half years...

The island is a powerful and sacred force. The island decides when you come and when you go. Some it sends off with well wishes and everlasting protection, while others it ruthlessly rejects. Others still, it tirelessly holds on to with the hope that their desperate attempts to heal and change come to fruition. Some do. Some don't. I am blessed to have had.

My life awaits its next adventure. Where will I land next? Will I land? Maybe I won't. I am okay with not having the answers. I am turned on by the wild unknown. The world is my oyster. Indo, Santa Fe, Australia, India, the Jersey Shore. What I do know is that the direction I am headed in is my true north. Hawaii is my compass. It is everything I have ever wanted, wished for, hoped, and dreamed. I am just getting my bearings, and getting ready to brace the fall. Once I get to where I am going, I ain't ever gonna stop. I want the world, and I intend on making it mine.

Wild and free,