Howlin' Forever.

0 to 60 in 3.5// Driving down, back to the country, in my speedy, little bug, up and down the winding plantation road taking me home. TV on the Radio blares through my blown out speakers.  8pm. With headlights in the distance, I’m intoxicated by the dewy smell of pineapple and the buzz of my fiery dreams. I smile ear to ear, filled with adrenaline and a yang energy coursing through me. I'm on the verge of something bigger than myself. I am my own legend. It’s just me, the alchemist, on this journey through the desert to the pyramids.

Then I get home and look at my bank account. Try not to cry. I want to cry, but I can't. Try not to let fear penetrate any part of my being. Tell myself it is just an illusion. Breathe. Drink water. No. Wine. 

As I venture through the cycle and rhythm, from pure ecstasy to the devil trying to knock down my door, I focus. I focus hard. I don't pay no mind to the thoughts that don't serve me. I acknowledge their presence and politely tell them to take the fucking back door.

* * *

Breathe. Again. Full. Long. Light match. Light Nag Champa. Burn sage. Clear and shield energy. Sit in lotus. Summon your goddesses. Summon your masters. Close your eyes. See the stars. Feel the rush of lightness. Watch it all disappear. Enter a world of beauty and perfection. Trust. Honor. Believe. Remind yourself how much you love this life. Every single morsel of it. Sit with it. Feel it all. Envision yourself in abundance. Watch yourself. The alchemist. Frolic in your wildest dreams. It's real isn't it? 

As you gather the pieces of your spirit and invite them back into your body, you are back. You are electric. You remember.

Hear a mysterious and sweet whisper in your ear. You are a wise woman. You are a queen. You are a mistress of magic.

Once again, feel like you could explode. Explode from joy. Explode from love. Explode from knowing you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment. Balance.

You are a sponge: for ideas, for thoughts, for visions, for feelings. Your thoughts run wild between moments of clarity and chaos in a never ending cycle. What do you want to exude?

You are insatiable, with the body of a woman and the spirit of an elephant. You are the real Queen of the Desert. You sing your sweet siren song. You lure them in. You seduce. You eat them alive. You are love. You are fire. You are death. You are beauty. You are pain. You are everything.  You are so much more than enough. 

You shift your shape when it suits you. You howl at the moon.

You are a woman who run with wolves. You are a mother, sister, daughter, wife, and friend. Most importantly, you are YOU.  Your pack is here. Get lost forever in the Mists. There is nowhere you'd rather be.

Howlin' Forever,