Wild Unknown

It's all a mystery. Day by day. You are born, again and again, on this Earth. Smoke and Mirrors, perhaps? It was lifetimes ago. It only feels like the beginning of it all. You wonder though, really, “How long have you been running?”

Naked. Bare to the bone. Hair cascades down your silhouette. Vastness stands before you. You proceed, one foot in front of the other, with the earth beneath your feet you reach the shoreline. You feel like you are hovering just above the surface. Maybe you are. The solid ground is always offering a place to dig your roots, enticing you with earthly comforts. You are grateful for the gesture, but it feels deceiving, like a trap. Suddenly you can’t breathe. You politely decline and continue on your way.  Home is where the heart is, and you’re still after yours. Your heart is quick, wild, untamed, and always one step ahead. The heart wants what the heart wants. You know you must follow its desires into the depths.

It is cold, dark. Then, miraculously you are flooded with light. You rush to the surface for air feeling like you’ll never catch your last sweet breath. It is always doing its best to hold you down. Suddenly you gasp. It is as if it never left you. You want to do it again, and again, and again. You emerge each time with less and more than you had before. The gift of release and receive.

Some how, some way, you always make it work.

As you watch your attachments disperse into tiny fragments flying away from you, you hesitate to reach out and pick up the pieces. You keep your hands at your side, and remember to stay in your heart not in your head, like a true warrior, wanderer, and vagabond. You have been given the go-ahead. Nothing holds you back, not one thing. You are only responsible for yourself, how rare a gift. One day, you want to do right, but not right now, and never in the way they tell you to. Go blaze the trail.